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Hektik Network

13 Mai 2009 Lecture "Active press at home and abroad" from Sigrun Musa

The event "tarpaulins and constructions internationally - central topic of interest international marketing" finds instead of on the Wednesday, 13th of May, 2009 in that Architects and Chamber of Urban Planners Hessen Bierstadter street 2 65189 Wiesbaden

4 March 2009, Designlabor-Project with iF concept award in 2009 excellent

Uli Exner as project manager of the design lab supports the new store uses „temporarily open“ in which innovative, temporary draughts of utilisation were moved as a strategy against the store empty state in Bremerhaven, the design lab Bremerhaven received one of the highest honourings iF concept awa...

23 April 2009 Architect Alexandr Asadov and his team visit INDEX Architects

On April 23rd Architect Aleksandr Asadov and some of his co-workers from the renowned russian architectural firm Asadov came to visit us to get an insight in the work of trend-setting german architectural practices. Besides the presentation of current projects all of us could enjoy our ro...

12 March 2009 Index Architekten at Pecha Kucha

Palmengarten Frankfurt, doors open 19:00-20:30 entrance west former "Gesellschaftshaus" access from Palmengartenstraße

01 February 2009 Basics Spatial Design

Ulrich Exner und Dietrich Pressel, Birkhäuser The book is a source of inspiration for the very own concept. It creates awareness and understanding of design tasks and offers systematic assistance.

17 October 2008 planning international - Internationales Bauen und Planen

symposium organised by the department of architecture and urban design, University of Siegen, October 17th 2008

15 October 2008 "Umbauen, nicht neubauen"

an article written by Dieter Bartetzko dealing with the topic of building revitalisation, Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung

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