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Frankfurt Airport Lookout Tower and Information Centre

The informationpavillion and lookout tower for the terminal 3 airport Frankfurt comprised an singlestory event, exhibition and conference area supplemented with the thermally insulated lookout tower, which has two platforms up to 40m.

The Rhein-Main-region is an expanding region. Increase means developement and groth. Metaphorically the shoot shows up as a figure of developement. The spread pullutate through tthe earth and persuits to air and hight.

The visitors will appreciate the persiut of expansion. Szenografically the vertical circulation is winding up and serves an open wide space at the lookout with its breathtaking overview. The tower will be experianced in its whole spacial complexity.

The triangular structure of the tower is an open space but partially covered with translucent membranes against rain.

Structural engineer: Bollinger + Grohmann, Frankfurt

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