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TransCube – A Tribute to Gio Ponti

Inn the context of the 50th anniversary of the well-known illumination brand Artemide, a light-space object has been developed within a given volume as a reference to the lamp FATO.


The case of the white box is divided into parts by three cuts and partly reconnected through black hinge joints. This way, the segments can be folded in different directions, new spaces are generated and the volume's interior is turned inside out. Filigree magnets are holding the folded positions. The inner space of the box is partly filled with smaller illuminated volumes, so that an additional spatial depth is given to the space-object through a play of light and shadow.

In a playful way a variety of architectural compositions can be created. According to the viewer and his individual interpretation of the scale, TransCube can be transformed into a lamp, an interior space, parts of a structure, a section of a city...

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