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Office and Atrium Building, Klein-Winternheim near Mainz

The industrial area of Klein-Winterheim near Mainz looks slightly dreary with its haphazardly arranged huts. However, at its outermost edge, directly adjacent to wide fields, the visitor all of a sudden comes across an architectonic treasure. The firm-site of Sysgo.
The shape of the building captured the vital creativity of that young software firm. Placed at right angles to the street, the building proves to be the simple, wooden box that isn’t meant to represent anything but rather to present – like the huts and garages from which the software culture grew. The functional „working-box“, however, was removed from the ground and now floats above it. This state of being elevated and being concentrated on the inside – in spite of the room-high glass covering from the long side fronts – conveys a special community spirit to the firm’s workers. It can be seen as an interpretation of the mode of teamwork. In fact, the special thing about this building is the focus towards the inside, towards a common central point. This centre presents itself as an airy garden in which it is a pleasure to stay rather than taking the shape of a big, impressive hall or an empty atrium. All the offices are arranged around the garden. The only division is a sliding glass door that mostly remains open during the whole day.

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