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Labour Court, Frankfurt

The social partnership is balanced out not only in wage agreements but also – more distinctly for the individual – in Labour Courts. Both sloping positions are straightened and balances newly tared out. The new court building standing at Adickesallee in Frankfurt shows this daily practice. It dances around the old building that has grown too small as if it were moving on tiptoe. Together, the sculptural building parts that partially rest on slim piloti which follow the different contour lines of the surrounding form a powerful solitaire. Its effect is intensified by the dichotomy of grand-scale openings that reach over several storeys and monolithically closed facades. The dance, which originally had its motive in the condition of city-planning around the site, forms suggestive open spaces.  A small grove of sycamore trees marks the culmination of these open  spaces. After the completion of the new building it will take the place of the existing buildings that would had to be torn down. It would offer a new spatial quality for rumination which was so far unknown at the site.

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