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Price Waterhouse Coopers, Frankfurt

The lobby of PWC was built in the 8oies.

Coming through the central entry in the middle of the hall the view is guided into the garden which is located behind the building. The employee flow runs crossways to the left or right along the main axis of the building, which means that the visitor crosses this priority road.

The complexity of the restyling was to position the reception in a way that the whole room was visible for the receptionist and at the same time recognisable for the visitor.

The base of the design were on the one hand these choreographic motion sequences and yet on the other hand the wish for a friendly and inviting gesture was more important for the occupants.

The central counter shifts into the access axis and enfolds the central column. On both sides of the counter two "waiting islands" provide a lavish and wide gesture of recreation.

Conceptual the fresh green colour of those waiting areas composes a continuation of the garden scene into the inside of the hall.

The material of the seating landscape emphasises the simplicity of the design at the same time the heavy carpet underlines the significance of these waiting areas.

The islands are developed as platforms which are elevated from the ground.


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