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House Gehling, Lüdinghausen

The house Gehling in Lüdinghausen takes up the atmospheric of the site. It is planned to stand on a plain plot of land that slopes towards a brook and has a stock of old trees. The airy building body only gingerly occupies the site and even seems as if it reaches to the water. It is completely flat, touching the ground only punctually on stilts as a reaction to the danger of high water. By surrounding a group of old  sycamore trees, the u-shaped house admits nature right into  its innermost core. In winter, this ruminant interior yard means an exterior space, in summer, when all window wings are pushed open, it turns into an interior space. Life with and within nature is also the subject of the transparent covering, although the broad, horizontal lamellas that regulate the incoming light signal delimitation as well. The living-room is outlined as a big space where built-in furniture marks certain zones. Forming an accessible, block-like sculpture, the bathroom is the only element which is firmly installed. The building owner will inhabit the house alone with his car – so the path into the building leads over a ramp that you can also drive on;  first into the garage and from there into the actual living area. Towards the brook, a ramp to walk on leads back out of this living-box which the hand of man has added to nature.

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