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Alteration of the great conference hall of the Chief Financial Direction, Frankfurt/Main

„Despite the planned reconstruction of the Pavilion of Thurn-and-Taxis and the Historical Library the city of Frankfurt destroys almost systematically its memory of buildings.
Especially buildings of the post-war rehabilitation period have to give way to ostentatious plans for new construction, no matter if they are classified to be historical monuments or not. This procedure is usually being justified with a putative low-grade building substance in which it is impossible to realize today’s demands for comfort. Not least is it the modernized pavilion in front of the Chief Financial Direction, recently reopened with a speech held by former judge of the Federal Constitutional Court, Paul Kirchhof, that shows this argument to be pleaded.
Audaciously strutting on slender supports, the front building doesn’t show much of the sensitive but effective interventions. Kirchhof’s demand for a simplification of the law of taxation found its perfect frame in this simple building with its subtleness and richness of details. Index Architects, the office charged with the commission, did a good commemorative job. If there was more of that, the metropolis on the Main wouldn’t require all of that magic with historical scenery.“
Published in: Frankfurter Neue Presse, November 18th, 2003

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